Baker's prolific collection of works depict a raw and real beauty through the timeless medium of charcoal. Arresting emotion and vulnerability in composition, his heavy black strokes and fine lines capture the soft tonal transitions within his detailed and organic reflection of the model before him.

As a suite of works, Portraits of Camden displays Baker's finesse as an artist. Inspired by the great charcoal artists of the Renaissance period, Baker unknowingly depicts the history of the Camden Art Group by capturing its founding members. His deft use of this medium is represented in the volume of charcoal works he produced during the 1970s and 1980s.

As a professional artist, Baker is celebrated for his influence on the Camden cultural scene. Partaking in regular Wednesday evening gatherings in the Kindergarten classroom of Camden Public School, Baker contributed to the establishment of the Camden Art Group. He generously shared his technique with fellow members, and in many cases, he tutored and inspired Camden's most acclaimed artists.