Nola Tegel's name has become synonymous with the creative landscape and history of the Macarthur region. Although Camden based, she regularly travelled to seek new landscapes to capture and attended Campbelltown High School.

She has dedicated her life to refining her arts practice, working for a time with Barbara Romalis in Wedderburn. She was also a founding member of the Camden Art Group led by Alan D. Baker. As a local, Tegel has also witnessed the vast growth and many changes to Campbelltown.

C-A-C had commissioned Tegel to create as series of paintings that capture glimpses of Campbelltown's History amongst an ever-changing landscape. Her documentation of Campbelltown is softened by personal memory. It captures her attachment to familiar outlooks and awe of the growing community.

This newly commissioned series documents the built environment and landscape of the Campbelltown CBD ahead of imminent growth and continuous change.