Yirran Miigaydhu meaning 'many women' in Dharawal language pays respect to Elders, past present and emerging. Yirran Miigaydhu began in 2015 as a women’s weaving program for Aboriginal women in South West Sydney. It is to connect and embrace knowledge. Knowledge of culture to share and pass on; knowledge to recapture and knowledge that can empower.

The group, established and led by weaver and artist Aunty Phyllis Stewart, meet once a month at Campbelltown Arts Centre. The group learns weaving in traditional and contemporary methods with natural fibres and grasses. These include Lomandra and vines which are harvested in the surrounding area. These meetings provide a space for women to connect through conversation, sharing stories, interweaving women’s business and wellbeing with creativity.

Yirran Miigaydhu is the group’s third exhibition for 2019 and brings together woven works by each member. Presented in conjunction with the Marama Dina exhibition these new works converse and reflect on the important relationship between country, plants, seasons, rivers and the ocean – embodying connection and embracing knowledge.