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Use your Discover Vouchers at Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre

Here at Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre we are accepting your Service NSW Discover Vouchers. You can use them on a pair of Koalatown Sunglasses, our Dharawal Guided Indigenous Walks, Campbelltown Guided Heritage walks and Budjari Mudjingaal Elder’s Ceramic Maker Kits. To redeem your DISCOVER vouchers, please call for bookings on 02 4645 4921 or come in to the Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre. See below for more information.

Koalatown Sunglasses

Grab your pair of Koalatown sunglasses from Koalaty for only $25 when used in conjunction with a Discover voucher. These are a perfect accessory for one of our Guided Indigenous or just a stroll down Queen Street.

Dharawal Guided Indigenous Walks

Discover the history and culture of Dharawal National Park guided by your Aboriginal Discovery Rangers. Come into Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre to purchase your tickets and use a Discover Voucher to receive $25 off the total price. Can be used on the O’Hares Lookout or 10T Management Trail.

Guided Heritage Walks

Discover the history that surrounds you as you pass spectacular homes, featuring examples of Victorian, Georgian, Colonial and Gothic style architecture right here in Campbelltown. Book your tour today at the Campbelltown Visitor Information Centre with your Discover Voucher to take $25 off the total price!

Budjari Mudjingaal – Elder’s Ceramic Maker Kits

Through this self directed ceramic maker kit you will learn the basic principles of ceramics and floristry. Create and decorate a white school clay vessel and dried native flower bouquet inspired by your experiences. You can purchase a kit for $25.

To redeem your voucher when booking you may either use the Service NSW App on your mobile device or provide your printed voucher.

Additional Info:

  1. Log in to the Service NSW App on your mobile device.
  2. Select ‘Vouchers’.
  3. Select the valid voucher you wish to use.
  4. Present the voucher QR code for the business to scan at payment.
  5. Your device will show the voucher as being used.

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