Alkalizer is the first of its kind in the South Western Sydney region and is committed to aiding you in making healthier, yet scrumptious life choices with ease.

They offer options in which you can feel more connected and balanced ​whilst enjoying a good selection of drinks and even better alkaline inspired food either here at Alkalizer or in your own space where we create Alkalizer at-home experience with our catering options.

Alkalizer's aim is to infuse Positive Energy by harmonizing Body, Mind and Soul through our Ambience, Food, Catering Service offerings. It is incorporated and reinforced throughout the place with the use of alkaline water, alkalized coffee, Handcrafted Gourmet teas, nutritionally planned alkalizing menus and most importantly the team at Alkalizer.

Their community-based programs, the coffee connoisseur training table, tea experts demonstrations and educational talks, specialty high teas, Alkalizer at dusk dinner menus, gourmet catering menus for at-home experience further Support to create a transforming experience

Alkalizer's Mantra is

Balance –Nourish –Renew –Energize