The Lone Star bringin’ y’all ‘A Taste As Big As Texas’ right here, down-under and callin’ it Lone Star Rib House, ‘cause that’s what they do best.

Not just any old ribs mind. Slow cooked Bar-B-Que Ribs. Cooked real, real, real slow. Texan style. ’Course they got a barn load a other stuff too. Like burgers.

At Lone Star Rib House they're all ‘bout good ol’ fashioned service with a smile. They like to call it ‘Texas Hospitality’ and that’s bound to put a little hitch in y’ giddy-up.

They've rounded up a big ol’ helpin’ of Texas. Topped it off with a delightful dose of mid-west congeniality. Added a healthy serving of honest-to-goodness down-to-earth Texan food and finished it all with a touch of whip-crackin’ fun and frivolity, to bring you an experience y’all be hollerin’ to come back for. Enjoy!