Simmo's Beach located on the Georges River. provides easy access, picnic facilities, and a beach area, making it a popular site for local residents. The reserve officially opened in 1986 and is named after Simmonds, a past resident, who mined sand adjacent to the Georges River for a number of years.

Simmo's Beach is home to many endangered and vulnerable ecological community types. Here you will find the Sandstone Shale Transition Forest, Hinterland Sandstone Gully Forest, Sandstone Riparian Scrub, Coastal Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland and Castlereagh Scribbly Gum Woodland communities. With many threatened species of native flora and fauna also found within the reserve.

With updated signage, get your boots on for a bushwalk! Simmo's Beach Walking Trails range from 500 metres to 1.5 kilometres. Expect easy paved surfaces through to hard, unsealed surfaces.