The best of Bavaria in Macarthur!

The Bavarian Macarthur provides Local residents, shoppers and movie-goers at Macarthur Square a unique experience and a true taste of Bavarian hospitality.

There is something for everyone on the menu! This includes The Bavarian’s legendary pork knuckle, crackling pork belly, a range of classic German and gourmet sausages, shared platters, and, of course, an assortment of schnitzels. Lighter bites include chicken wings, spicy squid and build-your-own salads.

Not to mention, they've got 20 beers on tap that you can enjoy in their signature one-litre steins! Don’t miss imported favourites, Löwenbräu, Franziskaner, Stiegl, Spaten and Hofbräu.

Call your mates as there’s always a reason to celebrate the Bavarian way!