The Miss Llewella Davies Pioneers Walkway, which covers riparian zones, pastoral, grazing and cropping paddocks, offers fantastic views of St Johns Church, the Chinese Washing Wells, the Nepean River and Macquarie House. The walkway is open every day during daylight hours except for rare times where cattle need to be moved between paddocks or other agricultural operations are taking place.

Miss Llewella Davies was an energetic member of the Camden community and this walkway is a key part of honouring her. It continues her legacy of community participation while maintaining its significant heritage value.

The walkway is approximately 2.4 kilometres of walking path throughout the Camden Town Farm. The walkway will allow visitors of historic cultural and natural interest within the Town Farm. Patrons can choose from three different walking tracks, including:

  • Nepean River Link, which is 250 metres long. This track has a flat, even surface with no steps or steep sections. It is suitable for wheelchair users who have someone to assist;

Click here for a printable map.

Please note that the walkway is designated as Dog Free. Dog’s aren’t allowed due to it being an operational farm. We have herds of cattle in the paddocks that adjoin the walkway and should a non-cattle savvy dog get off leash and harass the cattle the consequences for the cattle and/or the dog could be catastrophic.

Please note that there is no drinkable water along the pathway so take your own water.

Patrons are also asked to take all their litter with them.

Parking is available at each end of Exeter St either near the Onlsow Park entry or near Elizabeth St.